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Our Lady of Good Counsel by
Pasquale Sarullo,
19th century Fransciscan friar,
priest and artist.

Born: 1 April 1828 in Ciminna, Italy
Died: 22 April 1893 in Palmermo, Italy.

Copyright: Global  Domain
under the Berne Convention.

Autumn -Winter 2023/2024 

In the season of Coughs & Wheezes, 

Sniffs and Sneezes please, if you have a cold,

flu or anything contaigous,

protect yourself and others,

stay at home and view the streamed Mass via:

Please feel free to wear a face covering (nose & mouth)

while in any of the church buildings.

Hand sanitizer is provided. 

Streamed masses for the elderly/sick and housebound via:

St. Monica - Russian Icon

Copyright: Global Domain
under Berne Convention


Our parish is served by:

Fr. Jim Teeling (Pastor) 


Deacon Gehad Homsey

& Parish Team Leaders


 Mrs. Ellen Knight

We warmly welcome all into our parish community and church in Hythe.

Our Lady of Good Counsel

Roman Catholic Church

Hythe, Kent

St Monica's Roman

Catholic Church

Dymchurch, Kent

(temporarily closed)

We are currently looking for volunteers to assist with the building

of a youth and young adult group; a gardening & general maintenance team.   

For more information

please get touch.

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