As the gardens have been cleared new vistas are emerging

 - A Parish Garden - 

The garden is being cleared and re-planted so that, when we are once again able to gather, 

we shall be able to hold open-air masses in the garden - weather and season permitting.

Grounds clearing works continue and planting needs to be undertaken, the seasons to pass

for the new plantings to grow and develop.

Please see the First Newsletter, under the green ferns above, for much more information about how  the

Parish Garden Project is developing and how you may help.


Should you wish to donate funds to the Gardens, please drop a cheque into the office made out to

  ‘The Hythe Catholic Church’ - more details in the Newsletter to the left.

Please mark the envelope ‘Parish Garden GIFT’ and the funds will be ring-fenced  for the Parish Garden 

and NOT used for anything else.

Please also make a note for Diane whether or not your donation can be counted as GIFT AID.

Many thanks from Fr. Jim and the Gardening Team