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Our Lady of Good Counsel by
Pasquale Sarullo,
19th century Fransciscan friar,
priest and artist.

Born: 1 April 1828 in Ciminna, Italy
Died: 22 April 1893 in Palmermo, Italy.

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For specifics on Masses and their timings, please see the
weekly Parish Bulletin, under the 5th yellow button above, as it provides the most recent and up-to-date weekly information which can, and does, change at short notice.


Wednesday 5 April                                        No Parish Mass

Thursday 6 April    Maundy Thursday               7.30pm  Hythe Church

Friday 7 April        Good Friday                      3.00pm   Hythe Church

Saturday 8 April    Holy Saturday Solemn Vigil  8.00pm   Hythe Church

Otherwise Masses are at the ususal times shown below: 

Sunday          10.00am    Hythe church,
Tuesday         10.00am    Hythe church
Thursday        10.00am    Hythe church
Friday            10.00am    Hythe church
Saturday          5.00pm    Hythe church vigil Mass

Streamed masses for the elderly/sick and housebound via:

St. Moinica , Russian Icon

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under the Berne Convention.


We warmly welcome new parishioners, visitors, and travelling families.

We encourage new parishioners to fill out a parish registration form provided at the back of our church and let us know if there is any further way we can serve you and your family.

For those who are not Roman Catholic but are interested in knowing more about us, we encourage you to speak with any of our clergy or staff. 

We do offer the Rite of Christian Initiation classes for those desiring to

enter and become a member of the Catholic Church or who desire to receive their sacraments as adults.


Please call us for more information

01303 - 773101.

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